Welcome - Lubbock, Texas
Is your home in need of repairs? We do many different types of home repair in and around Lubbock, Texas including exterior and interior painting, fascia replacement, window sill repair, wallpaper removal, wall texturing, and wooden fence repair and staining.

Call us at 806-781-2997 for a free estimate or email us for more information. We do not require any money down, and we don't collect any money until the job is completed. We can also provide references upon request.

Doing Business by the Golden Rule - Lubbock, Texas
We always strive to treat my customers the way we'd want to be treated ourselves. When we give a bid, we try to give a fair and honest price. When we talk to you about your job, we try to be very courteous, patient, and answer all of our customer's questions as thoroughly as possible. Our desire is to create 100% customer satisfaction.
Exterior Painting - Lubbock, Texas
We use Sherwin Williams SuperPaint for all of our exterior painting jobs.

When we paint the exterior of a house, we take the time to properly prepare the house for painting. We start by making any repairs necessary. Then we power wash to rid the exterior surfaces of dirt, spider webs, bird droppings etc. We then prime the bare wood and re-caulk the exterior surfaces as thoroughly as needed. The next step is to "mask" the applicable areas with tape and paper. We are then ready to apply the paint. All prices include spraying two coats of a high quality Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. The average cost for painting an average size three bedroom home is $999.95 including paint and materials.

Fascia Replacement - Lubbock, Texas
The ideal time to make repairs to your fascia board is prior to painting.
Window Sill Repair - Lubbock, Texas
With time, the wood at the bottom of windows will begin to rot. We are one of the few businesses in Lubbock willing to repair this!
Wallpaper Removal / Retexturing - Lubbock, Texas
Are you ready to give your house an update? Wallpaper is one of the things most people want to go away, but they don't know where to start. We can remove it for you! After it's removed, we can texture and paint the color(s) of your choice!
Wooden Fence Repair - Lubbock, Texas
West Texas winds can reak "havoc" on older wood fences. Many of these fences can be saved or the life of the fence prolonged by adding steel poles to support weak or broken wooden posts. This usually runs about $50.00 per pole.
Wooden Fence Sealing and Staining - Lubbock, Texas
We can seal and stain your wooden fence to help it last for years to come and enhance the appearance.
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